Matilda is a Web & iPhone application which simplifies organizing, synchronizing, collaborating and sharing your photos.

Everything is synchronized

Keep everything in sync with the cloud!

Create blogs in a glimpse

Just add photos and let Matilda do the rest!

Collaborate with your friends & family

Never miss any memories with your besties.

Privacy is key

You have full control over your photos and with whom you want to share them.

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Snapping, organizing & sharing your photos has never been easier

Ribbon_teaserStore & organize your photos online

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Create beautiful blogs in a glimpse

Sort your photos into chapters and Matilda creates
beautiful blogs automatically


Upload Your Photos by Drag & Drop

With Matilda you are able to upload your photos by simply dragging & dropping them from your desktop onto Matilda. You can even open your favorite desktop application such as iPhoto or Aperture, select the photos you want to upload and drag them right into the Matilda web application.


Create Chapters

Take albums to the next level. Matilda introduces chapters within albums to allow even greater organization. Once you have used chapters within albums you won't want to miss them anymore. Sorting your photos was never that much fun!


Share your photos in beautiful blogs

Sort your photos into chapters and Matilda automatically creates a beautiful blog for you. You can spice up your blog with your own text and choose one of the various blog themes. Now you are able to share beautiful photo blogs with your friends & family in a glimpse.



Iphone_redribbonAvailable on the app store & it's for free


Sort your beloved memories on your iPhone and share them with your friends & family!

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Your photos wherever you want them


If you take a photo with your iPhone, Matilda automatically syncs it with the web app. The sync works both ways, from the web app to your iPhone and vice versa. You can also sync photos taken with your digital camera by just uploading them to the web app.


Snap a photo on your iPhone or import photos from your camera roll. Matilda automatically syncs every photo, every chapter and every album with the web app. You don't need to connect your iPhone to a computer. Everything is synced and stored automatically. No cables necessary!


Every change you make on the web app is just one sync away on all your other devices. Matilda will even deal with conflicts when you made changes on your phone and in the web simultaneously. The sync process is fully automated so you don't have to worry about it.


Collab_redribbonShare your albums & never miss a pixel

Collaborations are a great way to collect photos you and your
friends & family took at the same event with several cameras.

Collab_left-stack Collab_right-stack

What are collaborations?

Collaborations are a great way to collect photos you and
your friends & family took at the same event with several
cameras. To start a collaboration simply click the Collab_icon-icon
you'll find on every album in your dashboard.

See how easy it is

1. Click on the icon to start a collaboration
2. Your active collaborations will be listed separately
3. To share the collaboration link with your friend & family just right-click on the album and copy the link

Privacy is key

You have full control of your photos and privacy. Share your photos with your friends & family with a private & unique link. Only people you share the link with will be able to add photos to your album and you can deactivate that link at any time to reconsider who you would like to collaborate.


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